He began his film career in 2003 as a first assistant camera on film and music video sets, where he started to focus on cinematography.

He also worked as a cameraman for television productions on Sky, RAI and Mediaset, as well as various video studios in Emilia Romagna. He also worked on Enzo Biagi’s program “RT – Rotocalco Televisivo” and several documentaries for RAI Educational.

In 2007 he was first engaged as a cinematographer for short films and music video clips, which quickly brought him recognition for his work at various national film festivals.

In 2008 he assisted director Domiziano Cristopharo in his first feature film “House of Flesh Mannequins“, shot in Rome and Los Angeles, which marked the beginning of his collaborations with US productions and earned him the “Best Cinematography” award at the Festival of the Arts in Rome.
That year he also worked with American director Pat Battistini, who entrusted him with shooting an American-produced short film set in Italy.

In Los Angeles he met producer Domiziano Arcangeli , who brought him back to Hollywood in 2009 to shoot “Orgy of the Damend“, a vampire tale directed by American director Creep Creepersin.

Meanwhile on the Italian front, he has continued to film various independent short features, which have won many awards at national and international festivals as well as remarkable critical acclaim.

These include “Eroico Furore” by Francesco Afro de Falco , and “32” and “Ultracorpo” by Michele Pastrello.

In the summer of 2009 he shot his third feature: “Mad in Italy”, an Italian horror film directed by Paolo Fazzini.

In 2011 he became president of the cultural association for cinema, Cronos Film, and worked with other groups in Bologna on the Complete Your Fiction project, an intensive cinematography training workshop, where he taught cinematography and coordinated the workshop.

At the beginning of 2012 he founded Indipendenti dal Cinema, an information portal dedicated to independent cinema, where he has assembled a group of writers including both established journalists in the field and young graduates in film criticism.

Since 2013 he is a proud member of AIC (Italian Association of Cinematographers) and Imago (International Federation of Cinematographers).

In 2019 he had the chance to sign the cinematography of the first big movie in his career “The Land of Dreams” directed by Nicola Abbatangelo and produced by Lotus Production.